Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your ropes made?
All of our rope products are made BY ME, when you order them, right here in my shop. ALL of the rope I use is American made. Halters are all hand tied- leads and reins are hand spliced. Please keep in mind that splicing is NOT an exact science- your 12′ lead rope may finish out to 11’10”, or 12′ 2- or may be smack at 12′. They’re all made exactly the same, starting with the same length of rope- but splicing is simply not an exact science. I will NOT take returns on ropes that are 3″ shorter OR longer than the length ordered- I try to make every rope product come out at the exact length ordered, but it just doesn’t always work that way.

How do I care for my rope?
The best way to care for your rope is handwashing, with a gentle detergent- Personally I throw mine in a bucket of warm water with some detergent and let them soak a while- then agitate them, throw them over my round pen and hose em off. I’ve taken a pressure cleaner to them with no harm, tho I wouldn’t recommend it. You can also wash them in your washing machine- but I do recommend removing all hardware from leads and placing them in a mesh bag or pillowcase- Halters especially should be washed tightly packed, so the agitating doesn’t loosen the fiador knot under the chin. All washing is done at your own risk- if you throw your soft rope halter in the washer and the fiador comes loose, that is not covered by warranty =) Use discretion folks- but know that our good polyester rope won’t shrink or stretch and doesn’t fade or get stiff- it’s very easy to care for.

What type of rope do you use?
I use polyester for all of my ropes. Some use nylon, which stiffens with time and has much more stretch- others will use MFP (polypropylene) which is lightweight and offers no ‘feel’. Our ropes are all premium, double braid polyester- the same rope that ALL of the big name clinicians use. It’s all made in the USA to the Cordage Institutes high standards for rope- and will rival any rope you can find elsewhere. Our halter rope is 1/4″ diameter, and our standard lead/ rein material is 9/16″.

What kind of warranty do you offer?
My ropes are warrantied against defect in workmanship for 6 months. All warranty is void if the horse chews on the rope, or if it has been improperly used (such as thru a window on the horse trailer) I warranty my sticks and hardware for 30 days from the date of sale- Because I do not manufacture my own hardware, or build my own sticks, I cannot unconditionally guarantee them- as you well know, hardware sometimes fails. If this happens within 30 days, simply send the hardware back and I will replace it.

What are shipping costs / When can I expect my item to ship/ what method do you ship?
Please jump over to our shipping/ return policy page.