Stiff Rope Halter

Stiff Rope Halter
Stiff Rope Halter
Stiff Rope Halter
Stiff Rope Halter
Stiff Rope Halter
Stiff Rope Halter
Stiff Rope Halter
Stiff Rope Halter
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A Half Circle Ranch Exclusive! Our Favorite Halter.
Price: $16.95
Product Details
These halters are a Half Circle Ranch exclusive, as this cord was designed for us, to my specs. I wanted a nice, firm bodied cord that held it's shape, but was not abrasive, heavy, or too strong against the horses head. Enter this cord- which I believe makes the perfect halter. Traditional, quarter inch diameter (think Anderson or Parelli's halter size) This halter will hold it's form, making it super easy to put on a horse, even a flighty or nervous one. It's light enough that it is very comfortable, but has enough body to it that should you need to, you could very quickly get a horses attention. This halter is actually the only one in my barn, I very strongly endorse it. Give it a try, you'll love it!
Please note all of the above options in the dropdowns above- the only ones that are required are size, halter color and style (2 or 4 knots) I WILL NOT put 4 noseband knots on any halter smaller than yearling size- there simply is not room. If you choose foal or weanling, and choose the 4 knot option- you WILL be sent a 2 knot halter. If you do not want a decorative noseband, simply choose 'none' from the dropdown. You can leave all other options blank if desired. If you want rings, simply choose them from the dropdown and they will be tied into the outer nose knots. Please see photo for the different styles-the braided noseband also shows the optional rings. All of the braiding options are shown on a two knot halter. 
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Average Ratings: 100% liked this product100% liked this product (55 votes)
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Great halter, love it.

"Great halter, love it."

Meadow Adams on 12/23/2018 6:25:28 AM

Love my new custom halter

"Love my new custom halter"

Lisa Surphlis on 11/12/2018 1:38:02 PM

Great Product! Nice quality!

"Great Product! Nice quality!"

Kristin Frazier-Cheek on 9/18/2018 9:23:18 AM

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I am often asked how to measure a horse to determine which size halter to buy- so I've finally worked up a method for those who ask. Please reference 'Rusty', above- The two 'important' measurements are made with the blue string and the orange string. Try to measure your horse around the muzzle, an inch or so underneath the cheekbones. Keep the tape snug and straight, and add an inch or two (however snug you want your muzzle to be). Second measurement (orange) is the cheek length. Start this an inch or so below the cheekbone (or even at the cheekbone is fine) and then up to the end of the jaw, where the halter would tie closed. If you need a custom fit, just send those two measurements (muzzle and cheek) with your order, and I can 'adjust' as necessary. Please note that the below measurements are the actual distance of the halter- starting at the fiador, measuring around the entire length of the muzzle. I am not adding in inches- please keep that in mind when ordering. If in doubt, send a note!
Yearling Mini: 14" muzzle, 4" cheek
Class A Mini / Foal: 17" muzzle, 5" cheek
Weanling: 19" muzzle, 6" cheek
Yearling: 21" muzzle, 7" cheek
Small Horse: 23.5" muzzle, 9" cheek
Average : 25" muzzle, 10" cheek
Large Horse : 27" muzzle, 11" cheek
Draft : 30" muzzle, 12" cheek
For photo's of each of our horses (with their measurements) in our stock sizes, please take a minute to view our Halter Sizing Page.
All of our halters are hand tied when they are ordered- therefore, they are a custom rope item. I will accept refunds as long as the halters are returned in NEW condition- and there will be a 20% restocking fee. NO refunds on halters with rings OR braided/ wrapped nosebands.